1. Do I, the client, have control during hypnosis?

Absolutely. When you are in a state of hypnosis you still have complete control of your body. You will be aware of your surroundings. You have the ability to open your eyes and stop the session at any moment.

2. How does hypnosis feel?

Hypnosis is very calming and peaceful. You relax as I inspire you to make healthy changes.

3. What if I fall asleep?

Falling asleep is OK. Even if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind is still active and listening. When the session is complete, you will immediately open your eyes and be at full awareness.

4. What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Many people worry they can’t be hypnotized. Hypnosis is merely a state of deep relaxation. It works for everyone.

5. What if I have a medical issue?

Hypnosis is an excellent supplement to any treatment regimen. However, it is not a substitute for other medical or psychiatric care you may be engaged in. 

6. How many sessions does it take?

I ask my clients to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions. At our third session we will decide together if further sessions are needed. Lasting changes take dedication, motivation, and practice. You will see changes after the first session. By the third session, you will feel like a new person.

7. What if I need to reschedule?

Kindly provide me with at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can do this via phone, text, or email.

8. What is the fee?

Please call, text, or email for information regarding fees.

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