About Kate Haisch

My background

I am a San Francisco Bay Area native. Born in Santa Clara, I moved to Half Moon Bay at the age of three. I am very passionate about food and health. Growing up, I dealt with my own difficult weight problems and unhealthy eating patterns as well as depression and anxiety. These issues became the foundation of my life’s work.

I received a BA in psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz where I studied cognitive, developmental, social, and personality/clinical psychology as well as eating disorders and counseling. After a 5 year stint in Los Angeles working in the film industry and witnessing how damaging an unhealthy lifestyle can be, my desire to help people grew even stronger.

In 2006, I moved back to San Francisco to study health and nutrition. I earned a BS and MA in Dietetics/Nutrition at San Francisco State University. I became a credentialed Registered Dietitian in the State of California.

As part of my training, I worked in a variety of health environments from public health and education, to clinical settings such as hospitals, residential, and long-term care, which culminated in my private practice.

Over the years, working in the field of nutrition, I realized that eating healthy and exercising were really only a small portion of the overall health equation. I witnessed many other factors at play, such as negative self-talk and beliefs, physical and emotional pain, fear, depression, anxiety, stress, and environmental influences. I found that nutrition, in and of itself, was not broad enough to address most people's health problems. 

After much research, I concluded that therapeutic hypnosis was the most efficient and effective technique for permanently changing undesired habits and behaviors. After attending the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, and receiving my CHT credentials, I opened my private practice, where I help people achieve  ultimate health, both inside and out.

I live in Half Moon Bay with my husband and two boys.  Photo credit: William, age 6.

I live in Half Moon Bay with my husband and two boys.

Photo credit: William, age 6.

Kate Haisch is a wonderful hypnotherapist. When she meets with you, you quickly appreciate her happy, confident and welcoming personality.
— Dean, Moss Beach, CA