The changes they made... Client success stories

I met with Kate in July (2017) we discussed how I had been suffering from panic attacks during the night. For 2 years they gradually worsened until my family (who were being woken up by my screaming) had enough. I decided to try hypnosis. The hypnosis itself was very relaxing, a similar feeling to a deep restorative yoga. I was aware of my surroundings but deeply relaxed. Afterwards everything was as before except: no waking up screaming. 1st few weeks I did not wake up at all. Since then on occasion I wake with a start but nothing like the events before. When I use the calming color I was given before bed and the recording of our session this also goes away. I’d say pretty amazing! Kate is a lovely warm professional woman, I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Lisa, Half Moon Bay, CA
Kate is one of those special people who has a gentle, soothing voice that almost immediately puts you at ease and invites you to relax. My experience with her at our hypnotherapy session was an extraordinarily stress-relieving hour, and this calm continued into the next day! She has a genuine warmth about her and and is truly concerned about the issues you wish to address. I highly recommend seeing Kate, and it’s great that she practices in Half Moon Bay!
— Gia, San Francisco, CA
Kate Haisch is a wonderful hypnotherapist. When she meets with you, you quickly appreciate her happy, confident and welcoming personality. From the very beginning of the first meeting, she is completely focused on guiding you to work through your reason for the visit by listening to you responding to her guiding questions. By the time you get to the actual hypnosis, you are already relaxed and you easily embrace the experience of becoming completely relaxed and consciously immersed in the guidance that she soothingly gives. Kate helped me work on increasing my ability to hold my breath while free diving by giving me calm and peaceful visualizations. The hypnosis allowed me to recover between dives more rapidly and increase the number of longer and deeper dives in a session. Although Kate has helped me with athletics, her skills in helping patients focus on self improvement apply to all aspects of one’s life. I highly recommend you let Kate help you.
— Dean, Moss Beach, CA
Kate is very easy to talk with as she is a naturally caring person and a great listener. Her technique is both fascinating and healing. I found my sessions very helpful in nurturing positivity so I could make better choices.
— Patty, Moss Beach, CA
Kate is a wonderful practitioner. She is very professional in her treatment of patients and is well trained and educated. I personally have been hypnotized by Kate and she was able to help me. If you are looking for support and guidance on how to overcome your barriers, Kate can help.
— Luis, San Francisco, CA
I met with Kate at her house yesterday. She is kind and easy to open up to. We discussed my habit of losing weight and regaining it. I wasn’t sure how much I would really share with her, but I found her so non judgmental that I was able to share some really private things. The act of sharing with someone who wants to help me achieve my best self was so satisfying. I absolutely recommend her as a hypnotherapist. We talked for about an hour; she zeroed in on my goals and the phrasing that would make the most impact for me. Once she and I had established the key points that I need the most help with, the relaxation and hypnotherapy began. That part lasted around 20 minutes, it felt like 5. Today I listened to the session that she recorded on my phone. It was just as effective in regards to relaxing me as it was live yesterday. I’ll make sure to update this review in a year or so when I’ve been able to hold on to healthy habits!
— Tess, Pacifica, CA
I did a visualization sequencing and also a past life regression session with Kate. What worked best for me was how she individualized my relaxation meditation and integrated my daily routine with ways to visualize my achievement goals for work and my new business. She explained the process of hypnosis to me in a way that made it seem natural. And I got some bonus nutritional tips on the side! Thanks, Kate! I’ll continue to use the tools you gave me!
— Derek, San Jose, CA
I originally met with Kate to explore hypnotherapy as a resource for my clients. As a personal trainer and body worker of 17 years I’ve found that most people have challenges to achieving the positive changes they want that go beyond exercise and diet strategies. Not only did I find Kate to be an invaluable referral resource for my clients but a profoundly impactful resource for myself. I’ve never had any formal experience with hypnotherapy. Given my inexperience with hypnotherapy Kate very graciously gave me a phone consult prior to our first session and I felt extremely comfortable with her. She was professional, very comfortable to speak with in person and via phone and her ability to draw out the complex and frame things in a digestible and approachable way is amazing. I felt extremely safe and confident exploring many complicated and personal issues with her and feel that she’s given me tools to address things I felt were unapproachable in the past. Highly recommend her for anyone motivated to create positive changes in their lives!
— Maria, Mountain View, CA
Kate is a warm and likable person, and a gifted hypnotherapist. She is easy to open up to, even about sensitive topics that one might otherwise be shy about discussing. Personally I have experienced some amazing breakthroughs with hypnotherapy and I can whole-heartedly recommend Kate to anyone who might be curious to try it. It can change your life in ways you never thought were possible!
— Carmela, Palo Alto, CA